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We're back at it for another year of beer, food, music, and fun in 2016. Come find out who is best in Texas by hearing the announcements for our Pro Brewers Competition winners! All proceeds benefiting the Alzheimer's Association and Teen Suicide Prevention through Cloud 9 Charities.



Best Little Brewfest in Texas // Established as a 100% for charity beer festival in North Texas benefiting Cloud 9 Charities. The 2013 festival took place at Texas Motor Speedway, but for the 2014 year we found a new home in Old Town Lewisville. 2015 we expanded the ever popular VIP section, so stay posted to see what we'll bring you in 2016!



    Last year alone we were able to contribute more than $45,000 to: Metroport Meals on Wheels, MHMR, Touched by Suicide, Rachel’s Challenge, Special Abilities of North Texas, and Youth and Family Counseling.



    Our festivals will always feature hot, as well as up and coming Texas musicians. Old Town Lewisville is no stranger to live music with its Western Days Festival. Motorcycles and Cars to drool over with food and beer abound before the festival kicks off.



    Bringing some of the coolest wheels around! You get to start the party early with beer, food, music and some hot rides. Be sure to see what we have in store!




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    Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.45.01 PM   by Cristall Heisch







    “If you could drink a beer with one person, dead or alive, who would it be, and what beer would you drink?”

    It’s a question you’ve asked your buddies over your third round of brews, but what if you could ask that same question to some of your favorite local brewers? Well wonder no more – that’s just what I did!

    Here are answers from some of Fort Worth’s amazing brewers – some funny, some heartwarming, but one thing’s clear – we’ve got some rad guys brewing our local favorites:



    Austin Heisch   “I’d like to have an Old Rasputin with Lou Reed. I think it would be fascinating to hear stories of the New York music scene in the 60s and 70s, and he just seems like a guy who’d be into huge, roasty beers!”

       Austin Heisch – Brewer/BarrelMaster at Rahr & Sons Brewing Company







    Jacob Prosser   “Henry Clay, because he could drink with the best of them and was a fine card player. I think it would be so cool to talk to him about how he held the Union together as the Great Compromiser over a game of poker. He represented Kentucky as a senator, so I’d have a Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout with him.”

       Jacob Prosser – Brewer at Shannon Brewing Company





    Chuck Epperson   “My dad passed when I was young, and I wish I could see him again – he was always the coolest guy in CO, so I’d like to have his favorite beer, Coors Banquet, with him.”

    Chuck Epperson – Brewer/Brewery Operations at HopFusion AleWorks








    Adam T Gonzales   “I’d have a Martin House Daybreak with Kurt Vonnegut – it’s the Breakfast of Champions.”

       Adam T Gonzales – Head Unicorn/Brewer at Chimera
    Brewing Company








    Mike Casey   “Honestly, I would love to be able to have a beer I’ve brewed with my Dad. He passed before I began working at Panther Island.”

       Mike Casey – Head Cellarman/Asst Brewer/Ninja at Panther Island Brewing










       “Macy MooreI’d say Gene Kranz, former NASA flight director during the Apollo missions. As far as beer… I’d say we could easily drain a slim of my American Porter between the two of us.”

       Macy Moore – Brewer/Business Operations
    at HopFusion Ale Works







    Cody Martin   “My dad would be my choice. I’d have a River House with him.”

        Cody Martin – Owner at Martin House Brewing Company











    Ben wood   “I’d like to sit down with just about any beer and congratulate Louie Pasteur on his accomplishments.”

       Ben Wood – Brewer at The Collective Brewing Project










    James Herrington   “My mom. She’s still alive, but has been slowly deteriorating mentally and physically from Alzheimer’s. I got into brewing after she had been diagnosed, so she’s never tried any of the beer that I’ve brewed.”

       James Herrington – Brewer at The Collective Brewing Project









    Shannon Carter   “First, I’d tell him not to get on that helicopter! Then after, I’d have liked to sit down with Stevie Ray Vaughn and talk to him about music. I feel like he was making his best music right before his death. I’d have a lemonade with him, and celebrate his sobriety.”

       Shannon Carter – Owner/Brewer at Shannon Brewing Company





    Mannie Flores   “My dad’s been gone ten years, so it’d be cool to sit down for a beer with him. Willie Nelson would be fun, too, because you know he’d bring something fun with him! I’d have a barrel-aged Regulator.”

       Mannie Flores – Cellarman/Head of Taco Operations at Rahr & Sons Brewing Company






    13090130_10100232468919249_1600002444_n   “My pick would be Neil Gaiman because he is my favorite author. I’d drink La Folie, then switch to a cask conditioned Black Butte Porter.”

       Brice R Koerner – Brewer at Revolver Brewing Company










    Jason Perez   “Sam Calagione – I’ve met him before and he’s a super nice guy – very down to Earth. Makes i  easy to talk with someone when they’re that way. I’d like to share a Midas Touch or anything from the Ancient Ales series.”

       Jason Perez – Brewer at Martin House Brewing Company








    Ryan Deyo   “My grandfather. I would have liked to introduce him to craft beer – mine or otherwise – he was a Budweiser man until the day he died. He had this beat up koozie that was more duct tape than foam – him and that koozie are apart of some of my favorite childhood memories.”

       Ryan Deyo – Owner/Brewer at The Collective Brewing Project







    Matt Hill   “I’d love to sit down and have a beer with Fritz Rahr – He paved the way for craft beer in North Texas, and we wouldn’t be here doing what we’re doing without him. I’d share a ’15 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Winter Warmer – it was awesome!”

       Matt Hill – Brewer/Brewery Operations at HopFusion Ale Works





    Mike Goldfuss   “The guy who came in from a hunt and saw an old pot filled with grain and rainwater and thought ‘Hmm… I’m going to drink that’. I’d want to drink from that old pot with the first guy to ever get drunk.”

       Mike Goldfuss – Owner/Brewer at The Collective Brewing Project

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