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    by Christopher Swain

    By now, many of you have probably heard of Turning Point Beer as they have been taking the Metroplex by storm.  This newly ambitious concept is the brainchild of Alex Knight, James Perry, Jon Paul Goytia, and Joshua Davis; all well-versed in the craft beer world with years of experience in not only distribution, but also brewing for some of DFW’s greats. They’re not just your run-of-the-mill homebrewers looking to get their hands into the market with a traditional IPA or basic lager. They are a highly cultured quartet with a clear vision. What separates them from the rest is that Turning Point Beer wants to bring beers to the market that no one is currently providing. Unfortunately, the guys hit a financial snag last year and decided to take a different approach with establishing themselves:  1.) Host events throughout the Metroplex, offering free pours of their beers to the public to ramp up interest.  2.) Create a crowdfunding campaign utilizing a Kickstarter page, which can found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3319135/turning-point-beer

    Recently, Turning Point Beer invited the DFWLTCB admins to come sample a few beers and give our honest opinions. I walked in not knowing what to expect. Will we be drinking another basic pale ale?  A straightforward stout of some sort?  Some experimental mystery homebrew? After the initial meet and greet, we were presented with four different styles: a multi-hop double IPA, a New England style IPA, a Flemish Red, and a barrel aged stout. We were all provided 2-4 ounces of each to dissect and provide our thoughts. Needless to say — upon reaching the end of the last few sips of the night, I wanted more.  My expectations?  Far exceeded.

    Big DIPA






    Big DIPA (Double IPA):

    Brewed with Motuecha, Galaxy, and Denali hops; this DIPA provided the perfect amount sweetness with a crisp, citrus punch.  The nose was citrus and pine forward. The citrus carried through from start to finish. Sitting around 8.5% ABV, this DIPA was dangerously easy to drink. Slight carbonation along with a crisp, clean finish.

    Extra Pulp






    Extra Pulp (NE-style IPA):

    Brewed with Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops; this was the favorite of the night amongst the other admins.  Another citrus explosion.  This beer was juicy, slightly hazy, and smelled fantastic — very reminiscent of some of the east coast’s greats like Trillium and Tree House.   As NE style IPAs are few and far between in DFW, I can only dream of being able to drink this year round.

    Wildish Gambino






    Wildish Gambino (Flanders Red):

    Not only do I have an affinity for all things Childish Gambino, Flanders Red is one my favorite styles of beer.  Slightly sweet, slightly tart; Flanders Reds are amongst some of the most difficult to master.  Needless, I was impressed. Aged for more than a year on oak chips soaked in Cabernet Sauvignon, this ale was robust and palate pleasing. Tons of cherries, oak, and wine. The beer could have used a touch more carbonation, but that’s just personal preference.

    Release the Krausen





    Release The Krausen (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout):

    Last but not least, my personal favorite of the four. This rich, decadent stout is aged in Balcones Baby Blue barrels. Layers of vanilla, fudge, and bourbon — this felt like I was drinking a glass of thick, boozy chocolate milk. Very reminiscent of a barrel aged milk stout but without the use of lactic sugar.  Absolutely fantastic.

    Interested in trying their beers? You’re in luck! Turning Point Beer is providing a few more beer giveaways within the next couple months:

    • 2/24/17 – Braindead Brewing, Dallas, TX 6-9PM
    • 3/3/17 – The Brass Tap, Allen, TX 6-9PM
    • 3/19/17 – LUCK, Dallas, TX 12-7PM
    • 3/24/17 – Wise Guys Pizzeria, Grapevine, TX 6-9PM
    • 3/31/17 – On Tap, Arlington, TX 6-9PM

    Come show your support, try some fantastic beers, donate to a worthy cause – believe me, you don’t want to miss this.



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