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    My wife has a philosophy about Texas craft beer:

    “Why go elsewhere when there’s so much greatness brewed right here in the Lone Star State?”

    And she’s right.

    USOpen2017GoldMedal copyWinners of the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship were announced this week.  More than 6,000 beers were judged in about 100 categories.  Entries came from all over the U.S and several other countries ranging from Belize to Vietnam.  Texas craft brewers came to represent with 27 medals; they did us proud!

    Winning 36 awards, California was the only state with more award winning beers than Texas this year. Texas was ranked 3rd in the medal count last year, but pulled ahead of Florida for 2nd place this year.  For the third year in a row, Texas beat out such famously beer-centric states such as Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

    In addition to performing well in the statewide medal count, Texas also represented in the Top 10 Breweries list with Guadalupe Brewing coming in at 8th place.

    You don’t have to go all the way to a contest in Ohio to get these award winning craft beers.  Five of the Texas breweries winning awards at the U.S. Open also won medals at Best Little Brewfest in Texas Professional Brewers Contest, right here in Lewisville, Texas!

    Seven North Texas brewers won 13 medals

    • 903 Brewers http://903brewers.com/
      • Bronze in the American Stout category for Sasquatch
    • Bankhead Brewing Co. http://www.bankheadbrewing.com/
      • Silver in the Bohemian Pilsner category for Highway 1
    • Fur Slipper at LUCKHopFusion Ale Works http://hopfusionaleworks.com/
      • Silver in the Cream Stout category for Fur Slipper
      • Silver in the Honey Beer category for Feisty Blonde
      • Bronze in the Rye/Roggen Beer category for Hairpin
    • Lakewood Brewing Co. http://lakewoodbrewing.com/
      • Silver in the English Summer Ale category for All Call
      • Silver in the Experimental Beer category for Sin Mint Temptress
    • Velvet Hammer at NovaPeticolas https://www.peticolasbrewing.com/
      • Silver in the American Barley Wine category for Sledge Hammer
      • Silver in the Imperial Red Ale category for Velvet Hammer
      • Bronze in the Irish Red Ale category for Irish Goodbye
    • Rabbit Hole Brewing Co. http://www.rabbitholebrewing.com/
      • Gold in the English Pale Ale category for 10/6
      • Gold in the Imperial Red Ale category for Off With Your Red
    • Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. https://rahrbrewing.com/
      • Gold in the Doppel/Strong Bock category for The Regulator (Also won Gold at BLBFiT)

    Five Hill Country breweries won 13 medals

    • Guadalupe Scotch Ale at homeGuadalupe Brewing Company http://www.guadalupebrew.com/
      • Gold in the Pumpkin category for Pumpkin Texas Honey Ale
      • Gold in the Scottish Ale category for Scotch Ale
      • Silver in the Peanut Butter/Nuts Beer category for Pecan Chocolate Stout
    • Infamous Brewing Company http://www.infamousbrewing.com/
      • Bronze in the Out of Bounds Pale Ale category for ‘ONA
      • Silver in the American Stout category for Comacho (Also won Silver at BLBFiT)
      • Gold in the American Specialty Wheat category for Sex A Peel
      • Bronze
      • in the Specialty/Anything Goes category for Sweep The Leg
    • Middleton Brewing http://www.middletonbrewingtx.com/
      • Silver in the Strong/Imperial Brown Ale category for Black Lab Porter
      • Gold in the Belgian Pale Ale category for Garnet
    • Pedernales Brewing Company http://www.pedernalesbrewing.com/
      • Silver in the German Lager/Pilsener category for Chico Temido
      • Gold in the Märzen/Oktoberfest category for Lobo Oktoberfest (Also won Gold at BLBFiT)
    • Real Ale Brewing Co. https://realalebrewing.com/
      • Bronze in the American Amber/California Common category for Pinsetter Amber Lager
      • Silver in the Strong Scottish Ale category for Real Heavy

    Only one Houston area brewery won a medal, but it was a Gold!

    When it comes to brewing, Texas knows its beer.  With our expanding collection of medals, we are showing the world that Texas is a craft beer force to be reckoned with.  Come out to the Best Little Brewfest in Texas to sample some of the best beer in the world!


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