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    The JabberBOCK by Rabbit Hole Brewing won Silver in the Dark Ale category at Best Little Brewfest’s Professional Brewers Competition in 2017.










        by Brandon Novara

    If you are a fan of beer… really, really good beer, than you are living in a great time here in the DFW.  With all the local breweries around town and all the great local beer being produced, it is next to impossible to try them all or keep track of what is out and which brewery produced such a great beer. Luckily, you have people like me who are here to do the leg work and heavy pint lifting just to keep you updated on all the beers.



    Today we take a look at one of the latest seasonals from Rabbit Hole Brewing out of Justin, Texas.
    The name Jabberbock goes hand in hand with Rabbit Hole and continues to follow their love for Alice in Wonderland. For those of you that are not famliar with the Jabberbock  or where the name came from, here is a little quick lesson for you:
    The name comes from Alice In Wonderland (obviously the creature Jabberwock was featured in the book “Through the Looking Glass” which was the sequel to “Alices’s Adventures In Wonderland”).  The creature was featured and associated with one of the most famous nonsense poems written and illustrated as a dragon type creature with a long, snake-like neck and large leathery wings.
    Jabberbock on the other hand is not so terrifying as much as it is delicious.  The beer is a Maibock of the bock family.  Maibock beers are typically released in the spring (May) and are of German origin (Bock).
    The Jabberbock has a nice golden/amber/carmel color and a taste that matches.  The Jabberbock has an ABV of 6.9% — so this is one that can sneak up on you due to the fact that it doesn’t taste like a higher ABV beer.
    As far as bitterness is concerned, Jabberbock only carries 30 IBUs; which is not very bitter.  The beer is smooth throughout the last sip.  Pilsner, Munich, and Vieanna malts make up the sweetness of this beer.  Tettnag and Perle bring in the hops.
    This beer is a perfect balance of malt and sweetness.  In its own unique way, the beer truly reminds you of spring but could be poured all year long.
    This latest release from Rabbit Hole shows that they are committed to making great beer and crafting styles that sometimes get overlooked.  The bold malty flavors followed by a very smooth and clean finish will not only surprise you, but also make you crave another.
    Spicy Asian dishes, buttery cheeses, and of course some German delicacies pair nicely with this beer.





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