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    by Brandon Novara
    One of my favorite seasons for beer is the fall/winter season.  From Oktoberfest to the Winter Seasonals.  Maybe it is the change in weather or the fact that it gets darker outside; whatever the case it is my favorite beer season.
    Christmas and beer go hand in hand — with great beer and in today’s beer friendly world, we have access to a lot of local, national, and international styles of beers in mass quantities.  So if you are like me and you are just not ready to let those once a year beer go, you are in luck!
    Recently, I was shopping around and restocking my fridge when I stumbled across a few “holiday” items that I thought were long gone.  Not only did I find these two sitting on the shelves, but they were discounted and in large quantities; along with a lot more available Christmas beers.


    Angry Santa is a English Strong Ale (some would say Winter Warmer) with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and roasted malt.  It reminds me of the holidays while still having a slight bitterness to it that is a little stronger than some of the other beers.  The name alone says Christmas and it is a beer that I think you can drink all winter.


    The name and bottle alone are enough to pick up several and drink with family.  Knowing that it is a beer from Southern Tier, it is also a great reason because if I am going outside of Texas for beer, they are high on my list. Krampus is the anti-Santa; the evil demon that takes kids away that are bad and turns them into his minions.  So why not drink a beer with the same name?  Krampus is a Imperial Helles Lager with a 9% ABV and comes across with a extremely hoppy aroma.  The beer is slightly sweet and hoppy, but also has a nice amount of malt.  The balance is perfect and one of my favorite beers that is still sitting on the shelves as we speak.
    Total Wine, Whole Foods, Market Street, and Specs are my hunting grounds when it comes to post season beers — at times they are even marked down to save a little money.


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