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    by Brandon Novara
    Rabbit Hole Brewing wasted no time adding another limited release to their portfolio and they did so with a unique beer called Shield Bitter . Shield Bitter is a Scotch Ale ( if you couldn’t tell by the name) that brings an 8% ABV beer with  a taste of toasted malt, rich caramel and dark fruity flavors. The golden caramel color does stand out and the flavor is there to match.
    The inspiration for this beer comes from the Viking Age of Northern Europe and the artwork. The Berserker has been painted throughout Norse history and  is said that the Berserker was a wild animalistic  warrior that could not be controlled,defeated or stopped. The story says that they could not be harmed by fire or iron and were so vicious that most drawings and pictures show them biting their own shield. I am sure after a few of these I could have started to bite a shield but in a good way.
    As far as Shield Bitter is concerned, the beer is so powerful that is spawned off a even more limited release known as ” Beerserker” this takes the original beer only now it has the added flavors of chipolata chocolate chip. This beer was a even more limited release that did make its way across the DFW in a small bottled batch.
    Both beers appeared on draft and have almost all vanished  just like the legend however several spots around Dallas are saving these beers for a rainy day and the crew at Rabbit Hole has plans for the return . Check out www.rabbitholebrewing.com for events featuring this beer and where to find on draft.


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