The Best Little Brewfest in Texas is proud to announce the inaugural BLBFIT Art Competition celebrating the passion of arts in the brewery industry. We have developed the first beer label art competition based off of artistic styles, pairing brewery against brewery, label against label, to determine whose label is the best.



The BLBFIT Art Competition will kick off February 1st, 2017, accepting submissions from breweries across Texas, and reaching out to our Friends and Neighbors of Texas; New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana breweries. All submissions will be due Wednesday, April 14th. Judging will commence Monday, April 17th through Friday, May 5th. Winners will be announced Saturday, June 17th, 2017 during the awards ceremony at Best Little Brewfest in Texas, in Lewisville, Texas.


Call for Submissions:

Are you interested in being a part of the Inaugural Best Little Brewfest in Texas Art Competition? Here is how it will work. Breweries will submit digital copies of their artwork they use from their cans or bottle logos into one of 10 categories that they self select. Each category will be judged according to style charactices for that specific style by a panel of judges with experience in the art and digital graphic industry as well as marketing and advertising industry. Each category will have their own rubric, and points will be awarded to determine a winner. The winners from all 10 categories will go head to head to determine a grand prize winner.

In addition, we will have an 11th specialty category that is for posters. If your brewery or brewpub produces poster artwork to advertise your beer, we are doing a Fan Favorite category for these awesome posters. These posters will need to be submitted via mail, will be displayed at the Best Little Brewfest in Texas, and voted on during the brewfest to determine which poster is the Favorite. After the festival, each poster will go on a live auction webpage from Saturday, June 17 through Wednesday, June 21st. Winning bids will receive their poster, and all proceeds raised will benefit Cloud 9 Charities
Follow this link for more information and to complete your submission.


Call for Judges:

Do you have a love for art, graphic designs, marketing, or advertising? We are looking for judges for our BLBFIT Art Competition. We are looking for individuals who have degrees or work history in art or graphic design, and will round our our judging panel with members from the advertising and marketing world to give a consumer perspective as well. Judging will be complete online in a digital format with a few hours of commitment. For more information about judging or to apply to be a judge CLICK HERE.



All winners for BLBFIT Art Competition will be announced during the Awards Ceremony of the Best Little Brewfest in Texas, Saturday, June 17th, 2017 in Lewisville, Texas.


Art Auction:

In the speciality, 11th category, breweries will submit and donate a poster to be judged the during the Best Little Brewfest in Texas. Judging will be in the MCL Grand Theatre (near the Wine and Spirits and VIP Sections). Chances to vote will be sold for $1 per vote and is open to the public. All money raised will be donated to Cloud 9 Charities. Voting will take place from 1pm – 5pm day of BLBFIT and winner will be announced via social media. Posters will then be put up for Auction Saturday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 21st with all proceeds raised will be donated to Cloud 9 Charities. Winning bidders posters will be mailed by Friday, June 30th.


Contact Information:

For more information or questions, contact Mandy Tucker at


Judges Biographies:

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Donations and Sponsorship:

Are you interested in sponsoring our inaugural BLBFIT Art Competition? Contact Mandy Tucker at If you are interested in donating directly to Cloud 9 Charities, click here for more information (coming soon)



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